Mom Creates Wonderful Fake Fireplace Using £4.50 Cardboard

Mom Creates Wonderful Fake Fireplace Using £4.50 Cardboard

Wacky By Tricky Brick / February, 21, 2024

Jourdyn May Verrett, a mom who had sold her furniture to remodel her house. Christmas season was up and all she needed was an attractive yet cheap idea to keep their Christmas decorations. She turned out making a fake faux that was striking, genuine and yet just 6$.

Home is the most vital part of any living being. Everyone likes it to be personalized according to their own needs. Home is the place people feel most connected to, and they always like to keep it clean and make it more attractive. Whether these are floors, ceilings, walls or surroundings, everything needs to be gorgeous. Also, almost now and then festival keep arriving to add the cherry on the cake. Jourdyn May Verrett just wanted a good space for her Christmas Decorations. She looked for ideas and made a fake fireplace off cardboard boxes, that was both stunning and apt.

Jourdyn was remodeling her home and thus sold all her furniture. Christmas season came and she didn’t know, how to decorate her house. She was just scrolling through her Facebook where she saw a bunch of people sharing photographs of fake decorations, fake fireplaces etc. That’s when she thought she could also do it. So, she thought of the structure and gathered the products she might need. She wanted to keep it cheap so she only used the items laying around the house.

She made the basic structure with her toddler’s playpen. She cut the cardboard boxes and tied them onto the structure with zip ties. She made the mantle with Styrofoam packaging cubes lying around and then secured it all with the help of duct tape. Jourdyn also used everything from rolled paper, poster board, paper towels, and duct tape to fill in any gaps. Then she taped it all to make the structure rigid and secure. She pasted a textured glazing paper that looks like bricks on top of the whole structure. It also has a slight bumpy texture to it, which I think helped the design look realistic mentioned Jourdyn. She painted the inside black and tossed in some gold ribbon scraps to give it a fiery look.

I loved how it came in the end said Jourdyn. She was happy that this whole thing was cheap, beginner friendly and so easy to make. She already had almost everything except glazed paper and it cost her just $6. She just loved that her effort turned into something meaningful and she was able to make it look very authentic. If you’re thinking like this at home, make sure to keep the cardboard sheets as flat as you can, and try to use all the stuff lying around before buying anything said Jourdyn.

In these tough times we need every penny that we can save. Buying a 500$+ furniture is not feasible for everyone and thus ideas like these can get the job done. They are soft on pocket and are also an environment friendly option. Using just 6$ and turning into something this realistic is something that a person can be proud of. Jourdyn will also get one real TV stand one day but until then this has turned out to be a marvelous option. She further stated that She was very pleased with the look of the faux, and is planning to keep it even after the Christmas. It looks great in our Christmas photos and the mantle displays our photos beautifully. I only wanted it to be a temporary decoration for the Christmas season, but I'm now considering leaving it until I buy a real one!