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Man Resents His Mom For Spoiling Him By Giving £73K

November, 28, 2023

Qiaochu Yuan consumed a substance, after consuming that substance he started to introspect himself and subsequently he comprehended that he was a spoilt brat. He took one of the social media platforms to share his resentment towards his mother. He shared his story in 35 parts. He even reminisced about, how on his last birthday his mum gifted him an enormous amount of money, which he didn’t appreciate. People often misjudge the fact that if they would spend huge amounts of money on their children, then their children would be the happiest.

He used to live in a shared house and when he was moving out of it, he felt like his life had stalled and he didn’t know where to go. Ergo, he decided to reside in a holiday home. In that holiday home, he consumed illegal substances, which compelled him to think about his lifestyle. He became more apprised of the pretentious life that he had been leading so far. He realized that his financial entity was never different from his parent’s. He also wrote about how he was jobless for the past three years but he still survived and was doing rather fine, solely because his parents funded him. If he didn’t have his parents’ support, he could have been homeless by now, considering he was jobless.


His college friends used to crib about their finances but he could never resonate with them. He never got to know the real meaning of financial difficulty. He got into a reputed college and his parents sponsored his education too, and for it, they paid somewhere around£ 128,121. In his opinion, they spent so much money because they wanted him to have a good education but he rather became a spoilt child.

He confessed his feelings out and it received mixed reviews. Some people agreed with his views and were fine with him lamenting about his upbringing. Others commented saying that he was being ungrateful. A person commented saying that if he would have been in his shoes, he would have showered his parents with immense gratitude. An individual said, that he should have shared all of this with a therapist and not on a social media platform.

Parents always want the best for their children. They don’t want them to yearn for anything, especially as far as materialistic things are concerned but they also need to understand that along with all the materialistic articles, children also require their time and attention. Fulfilling their child’s materialistic desire would not contribute to its growth. Money could indeed satisfy their worldly needs but it would never be able to give the love and affection that parents could give. Parents should prioritize comfort and acceptance.

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