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Jail Themed Boozer Opened In London Where Punters Are ‘Inmates’

Wacky November, 28, 2023

The cell-themed bar was opened with coronavirus unlock. The bar is all set to give an out-of-the-box experience. Alcotraz Cell Block Two One Two is claiming to be an outstanding bar. It has promised to turn your normal cocktail bar experience into an adventurous one. Along with drinking alcohol, you would also have the opportunity to smuggle alcohol inside the bar.

To play the role of the inmates, you have to dress up like the punters as well. The bar would give you orange jumpsuits and then put you in the cell. From the cell, you have to smuggle alcohol saving it from the warden’s eye, and hand it over to other inmates. Once you will succeed in sneaking out with alcohol, you can pass it down to the expert inmates. They would make you a manifest cocktail with the spirit of their own choice.

The bar can be found on the streets on London’s Brick Lane. The architecture of the cocktail bar is based on one of the most infamous prisons of America. It is a replica of a prison with some fun activities. The bar doesn’t have its own drinks menu. After all, you would not find any options of your choice of drink in a “prison”. You just have to be happy with any drops of alcohol you could have there.

Alcotraz has asked the inmates, planning to pay a visit to the prison with the punters, to be creative while bringing alcohol under the counter. They even tipped the inmates about the corrupted guards who would just do anything and help them in doing all the illegal activities. The guards would be on their side and they have the facility to hide all the illegal items as well.

The bar is for the ones who are happy to experience unique things with their friends. The bar, hidden in the streets of London’s Brick Lane, is the perfect opportunity for the punters to enjoy after being locked in a room during the COVID-19 lockdown. The guards would help you in smuggling alcohol and the serving inmates will take care of your serving needs as they know what the punters would like.

To have the utmost prison experience, after changing your clothes into orange jumpsuits, you have to line up for the metal detector test. Once you would come clean from there, you can go into your allotted cell and try to smuggle alcohol. To have this amazing experience, you have to book your tickets online from their website at just £35.99. The cell is waiting for its inmates and the visit is must recommended. Go and have a fun cell experience with the punters of your life.

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