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Internet Slams Woman’s RSVP After Not Given A Plus One To The Wedding

The woman known as “Aunt Edith’ refused to attend her niece’s wedding after her partner’s name wasn’t printed on the invitation. However, instead of saying she’ll come anyway or simply ticking the ‘decline box’, she scribbled all over the card in capital letters and self-invited her boyfriend Danny by adding his name on the invite.

She had written the following “Most Rude! And Hurtful! Family Shouldn’t (separate) Family!” before adding: “They Shouldn’t have sent one at all!” she added at the bottom.

After she’d received the RSVP, the bride had posted a picture of it on Reddit, where she had written that “All because she didn’t put her boyfriend’s name on the invite.” The bride’s maid out of honor later had explained who “Uncle Danny” actually was in response to confused Reddit users’ comments.

After explaining that Aunt Edith was the groom’s aunt and that she had been dating Danny for two years, she said that Danny had played no significant role in their lives as they’ve met this man a handful of times. He was unpleasant and they’d tolerated him at best hence, they do not see him as an uncle.”


She then mentioned that all the guests were told prior that the invites being sent out were reduced to bare bones due to covid-19 restrictions. She concluded by adding the fact Edith and Danny were grown up adults in their 50s,they were still acting like spoiled children so let the trash take itself out.

Since being posted to Reddit, users were astounded by the aunt’s response, with one person who’d said, Dang what a drama queen. Another had written that it was her wedding sweetie. She would not help her celebrate. She hoped that they’ve the best day with people who love and support. While a third had commented that politely declining wasn’t an option to the woman. A later one commented that with such kind of immature attitude, did they really want them there.