Guy Created AI Verson Of Himself To Dodge Zoom Meetings

With COVID-19 sagging the social and economic mobility across the globe, people have moved on to harness the bounties of the virtual world. Big corporate houses have shifted from board rooms to online meeting platforms to let their professional commitments thrive amid the torrents of the pandemic. With ‘work from home’ becoming a norm, the souls are finding it hard to answer every video call in a day. Well, to the delight of the toiling working souls, a man named Matt Reed has come up with a scientific tonic.

Reed, like his other counterparts, was struggling hard to live his online work-life routinely. As days of lockdown passed by, he started finding it too difficult to revert with an answer to the Zoom calls and meetings. His mind was getting lost while braving the winds of that unprecedented change. Finally, his soul signaled the limit of exhaustion. He then started to test his brainy nerves to find a solution to the chaotic life.

After struggling hard for days, he came up with an idea of using artificial intelligence (AI) to deal with the scenario. He looked for the possible ways present around to create something that could bestow some relief upon him. Ultimately, he managed to get the required programs and hardware to go for his scientific twin.

He went ahead to work on his idea. Matt wanted it to resemble himself to the maximum possible extent. So he provided it with a human head and many other features like blinking its eyes, etc. Finally, he ended up providing the last shades to his creation.

Connecting its evolution to its requirement, he went ahead to christen it ‘Zoombot’. To make it stand the test of the work-life scenarios, he fitted it with AI Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech. Not just that, it also makes use of a set of phrases like “Let’s circle back on this”, “Is it too early for red wine? HA HA HA” to stand up to the professional atmosphere. ‘Zoombot’ also enjoys some allowance for movements like tilting etc. to keep on making its presence felt in the virtual board room.

Taking on his creation, Matt shared, “So, in order to reclaim some of my precious time I built a Digital Twin of myself that uses the latest in advanced AI Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech to handle my Zoom meetings for me”.

Thus, using his developer skills, Matt made an impressive try to dump the besets of the Zoom meeting to some extent. Hopefully, it would aid his efforts and steal some moments.

AI is the star shining the most in the scientific-universe.