Dog Wears PPE To Work In A Lab With Its Owner

Dogs can be trained to do anything. From finding small little things to detecting when a diabetic person’s blood glucose levels changes dramatically, a dog can be a heck of a service animal. And now that service animals have been mentioned, Sampson, a service dog was one of them. He used to accompany his owner to every place, be it her home or her work place. And to say not just accompanied her but even used to help. Joey Ramp happens to be the owner of this cute golden retriever.

Unfortunately, Joey suffered from various injuries including brain trauma, which occurred from a serious horse riding accident a while ago. But she has been strong ever since. Apparently, Joey works in a neuroscience department and pursues PhD and she has been working in a lab that requires her to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The most interesting part is that her dog even joins her to the chemistry lab at the University of Illinois. For this, Sampson takes the necessary steps to wear the PPE. This little initiative of his has been going rounds on social media.

Beyond doubt, he looks extremely adorable in his cute attire which includes goggles, lab coat and the protective footwear. Sampson puts in all his effort to help Joey. She was diagnosed with Post traumatic stress disorder and because of this it got difficult for her to even bend down. But Sampson works it out for her. He’s always ready to take the command whenever Joey needs help with the bending stuff. To make him habitual of the equipment, Sampson has been following Joey to the lab since a good long time.

In addition to her work in the lab she is even a disability advocate. Therefore, taking the advantage of social media, Joey and Sampson have been spreading awareness about disabilities and even service training of dogs along with much more cool stuff. Joey believes that Sampson’s work will give a boast to many more service dogs and their owners in the science as well as other departments. She came up with this initiative because all she wanted was to open doors for other disable people who believed that they didn’t have enough opportunities like the other non-disable ones.

Joey stood strong throughout, Kudos to her! She did a great job in bringing change not just for herself but for other people as well. And of course, not forgetting Sampson, who has been an ideal partner to Joey all this while!