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Dog Sitter Quits Job After Owner Implements Insane Rules

Sci-Tech November, 28, 2023

In the text messages, they agreed that the job would last just over one week while the owner was not in town, but before it was finalized, the owner informed that she wanted to make some things extremely clear because the last few sitters failed her expectations.

The owner, name Claudia, then recited six bullet points which might go some way to explain why previous sitters were not quite as good as she predicted them to be when it came to taking care of her dog, Junie. She titled the story as ‘Rude lady wants me to watch her diabetic dog for basically nothing’.

The strict rules implemented by Claudia were-

She would pay the sitter $110 for their services. The sitter had to make sure that Junie was fed, watered, and medicated. That was a fair price.

The sitter had to be with Junie 90% of the time because last year Claudia’s AC went out while she was at work and when she came home, she found that her two rabbits were dead. So, she didn’t want something like that to happen with Junie.

In case of any emergency occurred, the sitter has to pay for it themselves. He/she would be in charge of taking care of the dog and if anything should happen under their supervision, IT WAS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.

Her house had CCTV cameras and she checked them frequently. No friends over, parties, or anything like that was allowed.

The phone should not be on silent because if the sitter didn’t pick up her call when she wanted to check on what was going on, she would stress out.

The sitter would be paid in full approximately 24 hours after she comes back. She would make sure Junie wasn’t showing any anxiety, etc. before she wrote the cheque.

She finished it by asking if she was clear and, unsurprisingly, the sitter chose to pass on earning £80 for a full week’s work, which could also leave her out of pocket should an emergency completely outside of her control happen to Junie.

She replied to Claudia saying that sadly she would not be able to fulfill her demands and hoped that she could found a great sitter. When she was asked to disclose which part of the job, she found too difficult, she explained that she couldn’t be with the dog 90% of the time for the money offered, while also having the task of checking the dog’s blood sugar level.

It didn’t go down well as Claudia backfired by saying that she thought that she would give Stephanie’s friend a chance but obviously, the sitter didn’t need the money that bad. She rejected the sitter by saying that she was not interested in her services either.

People were in shock after reading her demands. One person said that 9 days, 21.6 hours there per day so, about $0.56 per hour. The sitter shouldn’t have turned down the job. A second wrote that Claudia was not looking for dog services but for someone to exploit.

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