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Couple Shared A Creepy Video Revealing Hidden Mini-Speakers In The Neighborhood

A TikTok user made a creepy discovery and shared a video of it. The video went viral and has gained a lot of attention. Moving to a new neighborhood requires looking for a good neighborhood, checking out good schools and supermarket around the neighborhood. It surely does not involve checking for sounds of birds in the neighborhood. A peaceful and clean street makes it a good location.

But this couple made an observation of the bird chirpings in the neighborhood. They noticed something bizarre in the neighborhood where they just had their house built. TikTok user Casey made a video of it and shared it. He wrote: “We discovered something strange in our newly built neighborhood. I don’t think this is normal. We started to realize all the bird and nature sounds were on repeat.”

The video showed that the nature sounds were bizarre and did not seem natural at all. He continued: “We then started to find actual speakers hidden everywhere.” The video further revealed hidden speakers. One could see Casey pulling hidden mini speakers out of from in between rocks and in some pipes on the ground. He further added: “Isn’t it scary they have fake nature sounds instead of real ones?”


The video went viral as soon as it was uploaded with more than one million views and thousands of likes and comments. Some comments were such as “Did somebody say The Truman Show?!” The second person wrote: “What in the Wandavision is going on here?!” A third posted: “Maybe it’s to attract the animals back to the disrupted area?” While others had some other idea and wrote: “Wait till you find out about the cameras.”

But there were many others who did not believe in the video. According to them the TikTok user, Casey had it all planned. According to them, he made the video after planting the mini speakers himself. He planted the speakers, put the audio of birds chirping on it and set it in set intervals. Well, no one can make people make things believe they do not want to believe in. Everybody can make their decisions in what to believe in.