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Child Pretended To Be Afraid Of Dogs To Get Rid Of Father’s Girlfriend

November, 28, 2023

When one starts dating someone who is first of all married and second of all has a child, it isalwaysproved to be a little more complex. The married one is always going to put his child first, as they obviously should, and the other partner will need to be flexible in navigating that. On the top of it, there is also a risk of being pulled into drama with their ex, but realistically, if all are adults, then putting the needs of the child first should be fine and work both ways!

Well, a woman shared a similar story on a social networking website. She explained anonymously that she had been dating a man who was married to another woman. Her boyfriend had a young daughter.Recently the couple had moved in together.The woman shared that she didn’t have any kids for herself but had a pet dog named Tank. Tank was a one-year-old Rottweiler. She claimed that her dog was the sweetest dog one could have ever met! But her boyfriend’s daughter pretended that she was afraid of him every time she visited home.

The woman didn’t approve of her partner’s daughter being afraid of her sweet dog. Instead, she suspected that his daughter was just playing that way in order to avoid her. Many times, the woman felt that his daughter was just trying to get rid of her. Even though the daughter’s mother had a French bulldog, the daughter refused to pet Tank, stroke him and even go near him. The woman said that the daughter was obviously trying to fake it as she cannot be afraid of her dog as she herself had a pet at home!

When her partner’s daughter visited their home, Tank had to be put in one of the bedrooms. He whined the entire time he was in there. The woman told her boyfriend that she won’t be repeating the same the next time his daughter came as the dog was not happy. Her boyfriend agreed. As the daughter’s mother came around, she asked the woman to take her dog for a walk when the daughter used to visit. The daughter called Tank an ‘ugly dog’ and taking him out when she came was just another excuse for the woman to not be around!

The daughter felt so satisfied when her mother asked the woman to take the dog out. However, the woman refused and told that the dog won’t be leaving the house. She felt both the daughter and her mother were being completely selfish. The woman shared her story online and post got viral. People had different point of views. Some said that she was not behaving well with his partner’s daughter and banning her from the house for being afraid of a dog was not right. While others said that the daughter being a five-year-old was completely being manipulated!

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