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Bride Replaced Flower Girl At Wedding With ‘Money Man’

Wacky November, 28, 2023

The urban entrances in a traditional western wedding usually include a bride walking down the aisle, followed by an adorable girl throwing petals with enchanting classical music playing on the back. The guests are in such awe watching the bride in silence. One couple, in particular, found an amazing idea of changing this custom. They wanted to add some new spice to the wedding.

They replaced the classic flower girl gesture with a money man carrying a bouquet walking down the aisle with some hip hop music playing in the background. Jenny being the wedding planner from Las Vegas was so amused she made a TikTok video of the wedding carnival where a bearded man walked down the aisle throwing dollar bills at the guests to Travis Porters ‘Make It Rain’. Why need a flower girl when you have a money man. The money man was confident and comfortable going down the aisle with a money bouquet.

Although the relationship of the money man with the couple was still unclear. Watching this made everyone surprised. The guests were hooting and cheering the couple and recording the whole scene. The video was posted on TikTok and within a few times, the video went viral reaching out to 13 million views and 2.3 million likes. The people on the TikTok had differing opinions on this. Some were positive and some were negative. The guests were so calm while the money man was flying with all the money in his hand.


The audience was amazed. The dollars would have paid for all the bills, they would have loved to flare on the floor. Others thought that this was disrespectful and the whole concept was unfavorable. Throwing money would have looked cheap more than making it look superior, it would have been better if they had a lavish flower bouquet. The wedding planner was laughing when it was mocked that the hurling out money is less expensive than the flowers.

People were inspired and felt inspired for their own wedding plans when Jenny confirmed that this whole carnival was real. She also commented let us know if you would love to have a money man at their wedding. This new way of having a transformation in a traditional wedding made it an enthusiastic experience for the guests as well as the wedding couple.

This wedding turned out to be a blast and was appreciated by many. The guests at the wedding were awestruck as they watched the money man walking down the aisle. This was one of the ways where people started looking at the wedding customs in a different way. The TikTok video created went viral in a few seconds which made a smash hit. This also made the couple feel good. This helped them change the traditional western wedding into a modern western wedding.

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