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Boy Wrote Heartwarming Letter To Favorite Teacher Inviting Him To Pub

Mind Buzz November, 28, 2023

The boy’s name was Alfie, he was 8 years old. He was so excited and wrote a heartening letter to his P.E. teacher on the last day at school. Alfie wrote this letter in the response of the letter that his teacher Mr. George sent him. Mr. George felt privileged enough and amazed to teach this young boy. Alfie’s mother shared this on social media where his teacher called him a superstar and a boy who was always optimistic. Alongside this a picture of both the letter was also shared.

The letter that was posted on the Facebook, the mother shared about the condition kid had. He was suffering through cerebral palsy- this was a condition in which the kid’s movements and coordination were affected. He had brain damage and problems in his muscles. Alfie could only move his one arm/hand, and used a wheelchair as he couldn’t walk for long distance. His mother was really proud of his son that he is slowly and gradually healing and achieving things that she never thought could be possible.


She was astonished by this as she never thought that his son will be able to walk or talk. The letter that the boy received from his teacher made the mother believe that everything is possible. The teacher found Alfie marvelous. The letter from the coach was really encouraging. He saw the boy was hard working and positive, he believed in him that he can do anything if given the right advice and he 100% believes in him. He congratulated him for his achievement and gave him wishes for the future.

The mother also attached the letter that his son wrote in response to the letter that he received from the coach. The boy thanked him for helping and wanted to meet him at the pub one day. Her mother shared this post as she wanted to give hope to other people around her that everything is possible if done with determination. Being a SEN mother, it was difficult to see what will happen in unforeseen future and how the children will make it.

She shared this picture on the parenting group on Facebook. The parents were so happy and joyous to read the letters and also commented on the post. It would have been intriguing and special moment if they meet and click a picture in 10 years at the pub together. They were so encouraging and found Alfie’s letter best and just hoped that they both once meet at the pub after year.

This shows how small steps make a big difference. The boy was determined and the coach was inspiring and motivating. Everyone should have someone like Mr. George who will help them success in life.

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