A Vintage Airbnb Studio that Would Take You Back to the 70s

A Vintage Airbnb Studio that Would Take You Back to the 70s

Wacky By Tricky Brick / February, 21, 2024

If you want to go back to the 70s and relive your beautiful memories, you have a chance to visit Margate Airbnb: a studio flat that is just a minute walk away from Margate Beach and Dreamland in Kent. 

When we think about the 70s, there are reasons galore to have sweet memories that we have cherished all these decades. The era introduced us to an amazing lifestyle where David Bowie and Brady Bunch were some of the most prominent names. The trend of its time included the love for lava lamps and bell-bottom jeans. Moreover, rattan furniture and shades of burnt orange were a thing in those days but we are gradually falling in love with them again. 

However, one of the Airbnb hosts, Jessie Rose, decided to take it a little further by transforming a part of her abode with a surprising view of sunny Margate sands, and now, it looks like a home from the seventies. She has completely changed the top floor of her central Margate townhouse to a studio flat which is now available if you’re planning holidays in the UK. Inside the studio, there’s a kitchenette from the 70s complete with vintage lighting and also a blue bathroom suite. As mentioned, shades of burnt orange were one of the trendy things, everything including kitchen tiles, sofa, cushions inside the studio has the same color along with the 70s wallpaper. 

Jesse said, “You need to come through my house to get to the studio but it's its own private floor with a private bathroom, living room, and lockable door. It’s the top of the house so you will need to go up a few flights of stairs! It has beautiful views of the beach and Dreamland which are both a one-minute walk away!” It costs $82 to stay for a night in this flat and it has arrangements for three people. The best part is, in spite of being so popular right now, it is available in September and October. 

The recent reviews from August clearly make it one of the best places to stay in Margate. More than ten people gave five-star reviews for the studio. Charlotte describes her days in Jessie’s apartment appreciating how she has restored the 70s idea and designed her kitchens and bathrooms accordingly. Also, the window seat with the astonishing sea view is another thing of ecstasy. She added, “A great location to get to Dreamland, the beach and all the lovely restaurants in and around the old town. Jessie was an excellent host and very welcoming. Would absolutely return!”

Elizabeth also had an amazing experience and she too mentioned the detailing and decoration of the studio that makes it so fascinating. It had everything that she wanted and she even got some vintage shop recommendations from Jessie. Also, the check-in process gave no hassle to the guests; it was easy. On the other hand, Caroline says: “What a great little find! Took us back to childhood and the 1970s details were amazing.” So, if you want to commemorate the beauty of the 70s, you know a place that has the exact atmosphere.