A Date Night That Changed to an “Omicron Rom-Com"

A Date Night That Changed to an “Omicron Rom-Com"

Wacky By Tricky Brick / February, 21, 2024

Sarah Henley might have had any idea before she had to isolate herself along with her Tinder match as they both tested positive for Covid-19. But since the isolation lasts for at least seven days in Australia, their date night converted to complete isolation for a week.

It’s tough assuming things go well while meeting someone in person when you have got a match on a dating app. Being unsure how the situation would turn out to be, a date shall be good to know if the person is of your type. But what if you’re stuck with your date for a week? For most of us, it ends with having dinner on a date night or a short walk outside. However, an Australian woman had no other way but to stay with her match for a week after they both tested positive for Covid. 

In Australia, people who tested positive for Covid-19 have to isolate themselves for at least a week from the day of their PCR test. The other Covid restrictions might vary from one state to another. So, Sarah Henley, a TikTok user, @poppymoore77, kept all her fans updated when she had to quarantine herself with her match at his place. Also, a week is probably more than enough to know almost everything about each other and find out if he/ she is the one for you. 

Henley had posted a video with the caption, “POV: You and your Tinder date get COVID and have to isolate together.” Sarah documented all her moments with this man and shared them online. Their story has gathered more than 16 million views but the first video had been taken down. Staying together, they both watched Geordie Shore, played Mario Kart, ordered foods as evident from several Uber Eats bags in the video and there were empty beer crates too. Also, they both waited in line for a PCR test. 

The series of clips of this unusual date had made everyone curious and the reason why they both isolated together wasn’t clear. So, someone asked Sarah the same, to which she replied: “Due to personal reasons (isolating by myself) wasn’t possible.” This series has also been inundated with several comments with someone naming this date an “Omicron rom-com.” A person said that it’s actually better to stay together because this would let the woman decide if he’s the one. Sarah also added that he had been cooking all this while for her. 

Someone joked: “Your rom-com movie will def be titled Love Sick.” Another person said that this is a new age rom-com. For one person, this unconventional method of dating is at least better than staying alone while someone else termed it as a relationship with a seven-day free trial Others described the entire documentary as “the honeymoon phase.” They also added: “It will pass and he will disappoint as they always do.” We are yet to see how this would go further.