27+ Funny Pictures of People Who Learned The Hard Way

Tricky Brick / January, 31, 2024

Well those who refuse to learn from the life experience and knowledge of others are pretty much doomed to make some pretty silly and sometimes even dangerous mistakes. Here are 40 pictures of people who realized that the hard way.

1 DIY face mask gone wrong

DIY face masks have been all the rage for years now especially among those who are all about that natural organic lifestyle. And what could be more natural than using what you have in your kitchen pantry to nourish your skin?

Well as it turns out just because something is natural and edible it doesn’t mean it’s good for your face. Unfortunately this girl didn’t do her research ahead of time made a turmeric face mask and now looks like Bart Simpson. Yikes.

2 We hope he was forgiven!

We smell a massive argument coming this guy’s way! And who could blame his wife? The fact that plastic cutting boards and heat don’t go together is common knowledge. And stoves are not exactly cheap…

This guy better have a better plan besides his “sorry honey”. We suggest a gift card and an offer to pay for some nice takeout in the evening. (And of course he must pay for a new stove if that’s what she wants).

3 Nice fake ID, guy

It’s just a fact of life that people are going to have fake IDs. Taken out of context it actually seems like a really serious crime but police generally let it slide when it’s just teenagers trying to act like adults. When it’s adults trying to pass themselves off as something that they aren’t however there can be some problems.

We’re sure that these policemen took this fake ID situation seriously but they also couldn’t help but laugh at how terribly done it was. Has this guy never seen an ID before? They typically only show one person dude.

4 Spelling Bee Champion

You ever notice that one particular word that you always misspell no matter how many times you write it down? Even when you practice it a few more times you actually manage to write the word wrong a different way? Pretty annoying huh?

While this might be a common inconvenience for most for some people spelling should best be left to the experts just like this person who thought that Atlanta spelled backward was Atlanta. But hey you got to give them about a B- for effort since at least the first two letters spelled backward are right.

5 Um, excuse me?

It looks like Karen’s cousin Becky is in town. After all you would think that a roped off area around a register would signal in most peoples’ minds that it was closed. But to Karen and her kinfolk any register means an avenue for discounts managers and viral social media videos.

What is being said by Becky and what is going through that poor employee’s mind is anyone’s guess. However the manager has probably already been notified and this screenshot will more than likely be a thumbnail of a greatest freakout video soon.

6 Wrong address, right idea

In today’s day and age getting to the right address is easier than ever before. With modern technology it is pretty hard to get lost. Yet it still happens from time to time — especially if you have never been to this particular location. For these two fellows they got pretty unlucky when they showed up to the wrong address to make their delivery.

But despite their great post two big questions are raised. Number one why couldn’t they verify the location first? Number two who would let six thousand bricks be delivered and not say anything?

7 Oblivious is his middle name

We’ve all at one point or another been looking for something that was clearly in front of us the whole time. While this can be explained due to either frantic nerves or confirmation bias for your familiar surroundings this guy takes it to a whole new level.

Usually when you are looking for something maybe you just left it in a spot you don’t normally leave it or maybe you were in a hurry and placed it in another pocket. But this guy one upped everybody by looking for his phone with his phone in his hand!

8 Two is company but three’s a party

Phone. Wallet. Keys. The three things every man looks for whether he’s getting into his car or rolling out of bed after a night out with the boys. In this case it was the former but there was a problem. The keys were still inside the car.

He did what anyone else would do in this situation and called for help. Only what was not expected was that the help was no help at all since he did the same thing. But hey at least while he was waiting on the second guy he was in like-minded company.

9 Not as advertised

It is a common realization not to believe everything you see on TV or the internet yet that does not stop some people. While those at home science experiments make for really great videos what they do not show is all the preparation and work that goes into setting up and cleaning up these tests.

But for one enterprising DIY scientist he decided to throw his lot in with these famous social media scientists for internet fame. While he certainly got what he set out to do it was probably not as planned… and definitely cost him his microwave.

10 What kind of lesson here? History? Science? Or both?

Some people are pretty ignorant of the truth or downright disregard facts that don’t fit their narrative. For this person their first mistake was believing that Americans were the ones who invented electricity.

Not only is this falsehood bad enough but they got even more exposed when they believed that Tesla is only a car brand and not a person. After all who do they think Tesla is named after? Definitely not a dish dog plant or politician!

11 Mixed signals

Of all the crazy and odd situations that people find themselves in on this list this has got to be one the more understandable ones. At this establishment it looks like there are two different directions for the self-serve portion of the bakery section.

While common sense would dictate that you can’t reach the handle from that line it doesn’t stop this guy from making a stink about some awkwardly placed signage. The point is valid but also begs the question of why he was reading them in the first place because who even reads those directions anyways?

12 Work smarter, not harder

While painting your rims a different color than your car is not the most popular thing in the world there are still plenty of people who want to do so each year.

You would think that instead of doing the obvious task of taking the rims off this guy wanted to be different. While we can applaud him for his go-to attitude to paint his wheels right away he had to have been thinking that what he was doing did not look normal. After all this set-up is what you would see in a new house not a car.

13 She can’t be serious

Unfortunately due to budget cuts and parental complaining sex education has been taken out of most high school curriculums or just designed to scare teenagers into not having sex. While we won’t get into the politics of other kinds of adult minded education here having a robust education class early on would be beneficial for everybody.

But for this mom it looks like she skipped out. Being concerned about an unfaithful partner when the baby is born looking dramatically different than either person is warranted but this woman does not realize that you can’t cheat on yourself.

14 You did what exactly?

Computers overheating is a common problem many people face either when their machine is outdated or cannot handle the amount of software it is trying to run at the same time. Getting a bigger and better computer is not an option for most since new computers can cost in the thousands of dollars.

Therefore updating or upgrading their current one is the way to go. However this time it looks like this person would have been better off just buying a new one since this “repair guy” actually caused more damage than before.

15 Read that again but slowly

Getting a ticket anytime stinks and especially a parking ticket. This person was probably just there for a moment and some meter maid saw this as the opportune time to swoop in to raise some revenue by charging fees on roads already paid for with your tax dollars.

To vent their frustration this person turned to social media to vent their outrage at the situation. While you would expect someone to drop a fire comment or a spicy meme what this person posted makes you say “Really?”

16 She’s one of “those people”

Since the coronavirus pandemic started it has gotten pretty hard to read and understand people with all the face masks and social distancing measures. But instead of asking the employee to speak up this woman does something unexpected.

She somehow finagles her whole body underneath the protective plastic to get a better look at the cashier. While we should give her an A for effort it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do considering the times we find ourselves in.

17 An accident waiting to happen

People who are superstitious about ladders are onto something. Ladder accidents are extremely common and people use them for everything from changing lightbulbs to complex home renovation projects. So walking under ladders standing on top of ladders carrying ladders – any activity involving a ladder should be done with outmost caution.

This guy though has no time for superstitious ladder nonsense. He also apparently had no time to ask a friend to help hold the ladder while he’s up there risking his life.

18 Misinformation at its best

There can be no doubt that the novel coronavirus has caused lots of crackpot conspiracy theories on top of the genuine lack of knowledge in the scientific community.

While concerns about how it spreads its reinfection rate and even origin are all still valid points of scientific uncertainty there are some theories out there about this disease that seem a little too far-fetched. After all thinking that a disease is attracted to lights is pretty preposterous. It is a contagion and not a moth.

19 Lost in translation

Documenting the effects of a car accident is a smart and right thing to do. Getting pictures from every angle will best show the extent of the damage and protect you against lies from the other side. But in this case this woman didn’t quite get the memo.

When asked to send pics she definitely did so just not the right kind. Maybe we could give her the benefit of the doubt and there was a really cute guy or gal as her agent. After all love often finds us in all the wrong places!

20 Just here for a paycheck

There is probably no greater of a sinking feeling than lying on a resume and still getting the job. While on one hand you are ecstatic on the other you know have to hide your lack of knowledge or credentials to keep your job.

For this guy they probably asked what he knew about procedural compliance and enforcing standards two critical skills in making businesses safe during the pandemic. While he probably said he would deny service to every anti-masker and keep people at twelve feet apart his actions say otherwise.

21 I park wherever I want to

This girl created her own version of a private parking spot in a Walmart parking lot. The fact that other shoppers and employees expect that space to be where the shopping carts are was clearly not something she took into consideration…

We have a feeling karma happened quickly in this case and a tow truck was called to the scene unless the culprit moved her car as fast as humanly possible. Having your car towed is a pretty high price to pay for Walmart parking.

22 At least he had sweet intentions

This is truly an honest mistake if ever we’ve seen one. The poster’s boyfriend went on a spring break trip to Florida and was sweet enough to bring his girlfriend home a jar of sea shells. Such a thoughtful and unique gift.

So of course we don’t blame the girl for not having the heart to tell her guy that Florida beaches are kind of dirty and a few of some beach goer’s littered pistachio shells slipped in there…

23 Living on the edge

Sure it doesn’t specifically say anywhere you’re not allowed to sit on this box. But most people would probably assume it’s a mistake to sit on a fragile glass mirror. But this lady either didn’t read it or is willing to take the risk.

Perhaps she’s had a long tiring day looking for new furniture and just had to sit down to rest that very second. Or maybe she simply likes living on the edge and take the kind of risks others work hard to avoid.

24 Waffles for breakfast – kid’s edition

“It’s the thought that counts” is a mantra many mothers tell themselves countless times during their little ones’ childhood. Because as sweet as kids are they make a lot of mistakes. After all that’s how they learn.

This mom’s son wanted to make her happy by making her waffles in the morning just as she had done for him so many times. Unfortunately the boy didn’t yet know what happens when you put plastic plates in the oven. He definitely knows now!

25 Why isn’t my phone charging?

Today there is a pretty significant difference between those under 30 and those over. And that difference can be summed up by two words; tech savviness. In other words the younger you are the more likely you are to find smartphones computers and apps easy peasy to navigate.

Those on the older end of the spectrum however often struggle even figuring out how to turn on a laptop (to their kids’ amusement). For example this mom who thought she was charging her phone…

26 Definitely not scared of heights

Nope this man is definitely not scared of heights. But we kind of feel like his problem in life isn’t too much fear but way too little. Self-preservation is a healthy instinct to have and not one we encourage anyone to act against. Which is clearly what this guy is doing.

Casually cleaning your windows up on a skyscraper without any safety equipment (or shoes) is playing Russian Roulette house chore edition and we do not see the appeal.

27 We have no words

We’ve got to admit we’re hoping this picture is either staged or some kind of weird practical joke between friends. Because this is beyond making a silly mistake – this is highly embarrassing and pretty gross.

Urinals exist in many countries and even people who have never seen one for themselves have surely seen them in movies right? Oh well even if this girl somehow missed that memo thanks to the many comments she surely received after posting this – now she’ll never forget.

28 Latest in shoe fashion

It’s not easy keeping up with all the ever-changing fashion trends out there. But we have a feeling this specific one is not here to stay. The blunt comment by the woman who sneaked this picture kind of says it all.

Because it does sort of look like the girl has hooves and it’s not something most people would want (besides maybe as part of a very epic Halloween costume of one of the creatures from Fantasia).

29 A risky move

Faking mom’s signature that’s something many of us were guilty of in high school. But this is kind of in a league of its own. For a faked permission slip to be convincing you kind of have to fill it out right…

This rule breaker is clearly a little too young to have figured that out yet. But hey extra points for the audacity and for daring to risk it all to get to show off their artistic talent on-stage.

30 An ingenious solution to this problem

It’s funny some people really complicate things for themselves. While in search of a solution to a problem it’s easy to miss out on the fact that the best answer is right in front of your face. The person in charge of this office put out a notice that there was going to be a mandatory meeting and one of the workers just had to snap a pic.

Why you ask? Because they taped the message… to a clipboard… instead of just using the clip that was on the clipboard. Why even own a clipboard?

31 The homemade pizza disaster

There are so many easy homemade pizza kits at supermarkets today anyone can look like they’re expert pizza bakers. But even though people who have never cooked in their life can successfully create this classic Italian dish there are always some who will manage to mess even the simplest thing up.

The sad thing is you can tell the pizza is beautiful and would probably have turned out delicious with a perfectly thin crispy crust. But alas this person had to learn the hard way.

32 The kind of mistake that costs a lot of money

A completely free piece of advice this person probably wishes they had been given – if you ever buy a pressure cooker carefully read the manual on how to safely use it before you get cooking.

We don’t even want to think about how much this accident cost to fix but a pretty penny that’s for sure. Which is ironic because the whole point of a pressure cooker is to spend less money and less time on everything involving the kitchen.

33 Muslin ban supporter

Finding the right quality fabric for seamstresses dressmakers and home décor gurus is a challenge. After all if they get the wrong one their whole project will be worthless. While getting heated about proper fabrics is not the most common thing in the world to some people it really means a lot.

But who are we to judge? But in this exchange it looks like someone thought the comment was more nefarious than it actually was. Good intentions sure. But maybe next time use some context clues since people don’t wrinkle like a piece of cloth.

34 Stop-ish

Making sure people understand road signs is a great idea but if you do something to draw attention to the signage then you probably messed up somewhere. What makes this goof even funnier is that instead of writing “stop” on the road they’re writing “sotp”.

The fact that two people could be so oblivious is also a little disheartening. Taking a picture and sending it in to the local city council meeting would probably be the best next move here to show their peoples’ tax dollars hard at work.

35 Best uno reverse card ever

There are a lot of things in this world that are pretty inconvenient and among the worst has got to be getting your car stolen. Having to deal with insurance police and rental agencies while getting a fresh set of wheels is a huge stressor.

Unfortunately many would be criminals who do this crime never get got but it looks like karma in this case really pulled through when two thieves ended up crashing into one another. Imagine the look on their faces when they realized what they had done when the police showed up.

36 That’s not how batteries work

With the advent of fake media foreign actors and Internet trolls there sure is a lot of misinformation out there — and not all of it is politically motivated. Some of it hits a lot closer to home like for this person who thought that microwaves could charge cell phones.

In trying to examine every possible way to justify this the only real solution was just another Internet troll or maybe a dare gone wrong. Either way let’s just hope his phone provider doesn’t see this post.

37 Money doesn’t solve every problem

Being sick in the hospital is a stressful time for all involved. From seeing tons of doctors waiting on test results and trying to get better it is safe to say that it is a serious time for everybody.

But for these young grandkids they thought they could brighten their grandmother’s day by showering her with cold hard cash. Though well intentioned it is doubtful this is what she needs right now and her face says it all. On top of that grandma probably gave them all that money in the first place.

38 Better keep that one to yourself

Getting pregnant is one of the greatest joys couples can share and celebrating their child’s birth is quite a tremendous experience. Even for those couples who do not have children yet visiting places where they met or enjoyed a special time can be quite memorable for them.

But while people would expect these nostalgic moments to take place at a nice restaurant or home an abandoned building is not one of them. We can’t judge what would make this couple happy but posting about where they conceived this baby is probably something they should keep to themselves.

39 Circles aren’t too complicated

Trying to explain the meaning of life is a difficult task and usually requires years of knowledge to even attempt to comprehend it fully. Usually people who have acquired one or both of these try to break their lessons down into simple and easy to remember phrases.

But in this case he probably did not think that one through. Comparing life to a circle misses the mark since circles are rather straightforward and don’t deviate from their path. For a circle to be full of twists and turns you would wonder what kind of circles he is drawing.

40 Apple of your eye

Being proud of your kids for even the smallest things is nothing new and should be a standard way for parents to show love and appreciation to help boost their child’s self-esteem.

However some parents need to know what they’re talking about before putting others down in public. It is understandable to want to show off what their child has done but when it exposes their own stupidity it isn’t the best look. Maybe next time this parent should stick around for her daughter’s classes!

41 Cloudy with a chance of CGI

Watching the weather channel is pretty boring and numerous studios have done some pretty outlandish things to boost ratings and increase viewership. From funny costumes to corny jokes and guest appearances practically every trick in the book has been tried.

One thing that hasn’t been attempted has been to make the weather man part of the weather report. Now whether this was intentional or not and it probably was not there is a good chance some more people might tune in next time.

42 That’s not going anywhere

People have used some fairly inventive ways to tie down things to their vehicle when they probably should have gotten a truck or trailer.

Take a look at any IKEA parking lot on your average weekend to see this in action. But for this guy those straps look a little out of place. While he would be right that the ATV would not be going anywhere once on the road his truck probably isn’t going anywhere either.

43 Probably shouldn’t post that

Protecting your private information is something that everyone should be concerned about in today’s day and age. With so many ways to steal your information the question is not a matter of if but when someone will steal your info.

Hackers also use some pretty sophisticated techniques to get your information but still use some classic scams like the Nigerian princess one. When you ask yourself how people could fall for such an obvious scam just show them this picture and rest your case.

44 Last place they would have looked

Losing a friend or loved one is scary and you are always wondering if they are alright or even alive. Members of the community are always quick to band together to help even strangers since they would not want someone they care about to be in the same position.

But when you join in on your own search party it makes you wonder if they were really lost at all or there is something fishy going on here. Maybe a prank gone wrong or too wild of a night before?

45 Sometimes the boomers are right

Millennials take a lot of heat from baby boomers over just about everything. Though most of what they say is not true based on a loose interpretation or downright lies there is a bit of truth grounded in some of their claims.

With people like this it is quite obvious that millennials are at least slightly to blame for some of the criticisms they get. However a handful of television illiterate people should not speak for an entire generation.

46 Desperation doesn’t always lead to ingenuity

Let’s face it. We’ve all been at some point in time where we needed a way to open a bottle. Family functions special dinners and girls’ nights in are all prime examples of when poor planning and over eager guests can come to the rescue.

However before you break out knives scissors and whatever else you see people online doing to open bottles it is probably a good idea to take stock of what you have in your possession. For these ladies all they had to go was look up and see the solution to all their problems.

47 Split the difference

Pizza is about as personal as politics. Don’t question how another person feels and their preferences are highly private affairs. Like pineapple? How about anchovies? What about no cheese? All equally valid ways to eat pizza.

But for those that can’t put aside their pizza differences and compromise ordering multiple pizzas is the only way to make everyone happy. However ordering two pizzas split both ways probably isn’t the smartest or cheapest way to compromise.

48 Some new kind of energy

The universe is full of surprises and discoveries yet unknown to human kind. Every year scientists astronomers and researchers learn something new to add to our ever expanding knowledge.

Even technologies and processes long discovered can still have tidbits of knowledge just waiting to be found. One of these technologies is nuclear technology. With all the misinformation about this amazing process floating out there it is clear that scientists still have their work cut out for them.

49 Huh, never knew that before

Running isn’t everyone’s favorite thing but boy is it useful. People use it every day for all sorts of things and it really comes in handy when you need to get out of danger or rush back to the TV before the commercial break ends.

While you would think that running would be invented for as far as humans have been on two feet it looks like someone got a little cheeky with search engines here. If humans did not run before 1748 how did they speed up in times of need. Get in a Flintstones car perhaps?

50 Yes that kind

Serving non-alcoholic drinks should always be an option for a variety of reasons. Maybe people have to drive or just don’t feel like drinking that day. Whatever the reason it is usually best to have a good assortment of sodas teas coffees or juices available.

While not the most popular option some people like non-alcoholic beer (which while not popular is still a valid option). But for this person it looks like they didn’t think their request all the way through. After all non-alcoholic wine is just grape juice.

51 Do they know where they are at?

People can be pretty ignorant especially with knowing about foreign countries. We can’t blame people for not knowing too much about a culture they have never studied or interacted with personally. However we have all seen maps of the world since before we could walk and have a pretty good idea of how the world is set up.

Though understandable to mix up say Latvia and Lithuania or Cameroon and the Gambia saying an entire continent is one country is absurd. Whether this was the work of someone unfamiliar with geography or a joke is still in the air.

52 Yes, that’s how they work.

There are many good combinations in the world that just make sense. There are also things that seem to just go hand in hand and bows and arrows are one of them. After all without one the other does not work.

While all the different types of bows might be confusing for some (since there are a lot) knowing what a bow and arrow is — especially one that looks like Cupid’s bow — is pretty elementary. Though this person’s confusion is a little misplaced it does make one wonder why they would use that metaphor.

53 Is someone gonna tell her?

The coronavirus has produced some crazy responses out of people. While these might be justified out of fear or worry you got to take a step back for a second and realize that some of this stuff has gotten pretty out of control.

This lady thinks that by breathing through a snorkel that she can filter out of the virus. However that’s just not how snorkels work. Hopefully someone tells her soon to take that thing off.

54 That’s not how that works

For centuries now people have been in search of a perpetual motion machine. While science has essentially deemed such a machine impossible laymen and inventors alike have long been intrigued with the idea of something that powers itself that can go on for forever.

These people thought that they had found one but we’re pretty sure that it doesn’t really work that way. They plugged their phone into a solar charger and then charged the charger using their phone’s flashlight. Their phone will definitely use up power faster than it will receive it with this set up.

55 All of the baskets

We’ve seen people make all kinds of mistakes in grocery stores and supermarkets. Items put back in the wrong place carts full of items left in aisles spills what have you. But this is definitely one of the funnier facepalm moments to ever come out of a store.

This guy rather than just picking out one basket and going about his business decided to just take all of them so that they could remain in the wheeled caddy. We not just get a cart at that point dude? Or better yet why not just carry a basket like everyone else?

56 Not so hard boiled eggs

Eggs are one of the best food items on the planet. They are chock full of protein incredibly versatile and can be made with about ten million different methods. But one of the easiest ways to make eggs edible is to just toss them in a pot of boiling water and wait a bit.

This person was trying to make boiled eggs and they were wondering why it was taking so long. When they went to check on their eggs they realized their mistake: they had put the pot on the wrong burner. Oh well not the worst cooking mistake.

57 They’ve got the wrong number

Have you ever had someone text you thinking that you were someone else? It can be annoying to deal with someone that has the wrong number but usually the conversation can be ended by just saying “You have the wrong number.” Some people however don’t really get the concept.

This boss texted a random person their business schedule for the week and the person tried to let them know that they had the wrong number. Apparently they didn’t understand that they had the RIGHT number for the WRONG person. Man that guy should be fired.

58 Yep, it’s a search engine

The year is 2020 and people around the world are slowly but surely become more and more accepting of people who don’t fit the hegemonic mold that is typically expected. LGBTQ+ individuals are becoming more understood than ever and we are here for it. But some people remain relatively ignorant.

And we mean that literally; some people just don’t get it. This person stumbled upon a transgender person on Tinder and had no idea what being transgender even meant. After being told to Google it they figured that it must be another search engine. You know like Google. Oof.

59 Becoming an aunt or an uncle

Man some people really just aren’t ready for the responsibilities that life throws at them. This woman’s sister was pregnant with a child and the gender had not yet been revealed. She then posted to Twitter saying she couldn’t wait to learn whether she would be an aunt or an uncle.

We assume that she was thinking she would be deemed an uncle if the child was a boy and an aunt if the child was a girl. That’s definitely not how that works. We’re glad that she’s not the one that’s having the baby.

60 They didn’t think this one through

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays. There’s candy scary movies and dressing up in costumes. Who doesn’t love a good Halloween costume? It looks like this couple was pretty excited to do a romantic costume together so they picked everyone’s favorite comic couple: Superman and Supergirl.

They obviously skipped out on the research side of their costume though as they didn’t realize that these two are actually related to one another. Yeah suddenly that costume is seeming pretty awkward…. Have they never heard of Lois Lane before? They should learn how to use Google.

61 A really useful photo

While there are some really great landlords out there it’s a generally accepted rule that most landlords are looking to scam the people who are renting from them. Hey we get it. Either scam or be scammed. Most tenants are used to this and they don’t really try to fight it too hard.

But make no mistake: renters will do everything in their power to be snarky and sarcastic to their landlords. This landlord asked for a photo of the “broken hot water” in this home so the tenant sarcastically sent a photo of water coming out of the sink.

62 Nice thinking, car dealership

In our modern day it seems like there’s a very real chance that the people we are interacting with might just be robots. Having an argument on Twitter? That other account might just be a bot. Just matched with someone beautiful on Tinder?

Yeah they might be a bot too. This is a pretty common thing. That’s why verification systems exist on most websites. While we appreciate them we’ve gotta say that we think they’re a bit unnecessary when you’re interacting with someone face to face. Just pour water on them to check if they’re a robot. Duh.

63 A master geologist showing off her skills

Sometimes it’s hard not to lose faith in the American education system. While it has obviously created some amazing thinkers over the years there are some people that it has truly failed. Like this girl. She went on a trip to New York and posted a photo with a caption saying that she was no longer in America. Sigh. Where do we even start with this?

It’s so astronomically wrong that we don’t even want to talk about it. She then caps it all off by saying that she learned geography from her geology class. Good lord.

64 Buying the wrong concert tickets

There’s nothing more fun than going to see one of your favorite bands in concert. The anticipation as you wait in line the feeling of standing alongside like-minded people and the joy of singing along to your favorite songs. That just can’t be beat! Well unless you accidentally buy tickets to an even BETTER band.

This person wanted to go see the Red Hot Chili Peppers but she accidentally got tickets for the Red Hot Chili Pipers a bagpipe band. She may have been disappointed at first but we’re sure that she quickly realized the band’s greatness.

65 His look says it all

If you’re a teacher your one goal in life is to help your students succeed. Even if they make some hilarious mistakes along the way it’s your job to stay calm and help them get back on the right path. But even the best teachers have their breaking points.

This math teacher was shocked to see a student write “syntax error” as her answer on the board. In her defense she was just writing the answer from her calculator. Still though how did she not realize her mistake? His face really shows just how fed up he is.

66 Excellent policing going on here

We’re not gonna sit here and say that we love that parking tickets exist but we understand the necessity of them. People park like they’re insane in our current world so just imagine the madness if there was no punishment for bad parking.

We will admit however that some cops are just a little bit too happy giving out tickets. We understand that this parking job looks bad but how could anyone ever think that this was a real car? This art installation deserved better. We’re thinking this cop just needed to hit his quota for the month.

67 Wow, what an astute observation

Ah so close yet so far. This person installed a smoke detector on the ceiling of this home and then went to fill in the sticker on the detector that said “Installed on.” The point of this sticker is to let the homeowners know the date that the smoke detector was installed. Instead they wrote WHERE it had been installed.

While they aren’t technically wrong we’ve gotta say that making a note of where it was installed was pretty useless. Use your head. We all know that it’s on the ceiling without that note. We can see it.

68 We hope that they’re kidding too

If you spend enough time on the Internet you’re bound to come across someone saying something that is just astronomically wrong. In fact you can easily come across comments like this on the daily if you look in the right places. Like on Facebook Instagram Youtube or pretty much any other website on the entire Internet.

This poor ignorant soul made a Facebook status saying that some people were super dumb for thinking that the events of the movie Titanic were real. We’re with the person in the comments on this one. Let’s sincerely hope that they’re kidding.

69 Okay, now THAT’S bad

There comes a time when stupidity transforms from being funny into being a serious health hazard. While we’re sure that this person’s roommate meant well we can’t help but feel that they need to move out as soon as possible.

They started heating up a pot on the stove… and then just left it there. Before anyone noticed the pot started to melt and fuse with the burner on the stove. When all was said and done their kitchen looked like a room in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. That’s some really poor cooking etiquette.

70 A great hiding spot for their keys

It’s always smart to have some spare keys lying around in case of an emergency. While we’re big fans of giving our spare keys to a friend it also can make sense to hide your spare keys somewhere near your house. If you’re going to do this though you better pick a good hiding spot to ensure that no one else ever finds your keys.

We get the idea of hiding a key under a mat but seriously does this mat really seem like a good candidate? We think not. There are a lot of holes in this plan.

71 A true philosopher

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they say something that is just so obviously wrong that they will never be able to live it down. Don’t lie we’ve all had moments where our brains seemingly just shut down and refuse to work in the correct way. We’re giving this person the benefit of the doubt and assuming that’s what happened when they made this post.

After all it should be incredibly obvious why a 0 birthday candle exists. Maybe they were just joking. They must have been joking right? Ugh we’re giving up all hope.

72 Where did you hire these people?

We’re confused on so many levels. First of all were even is this? It looks like a random sink and countertop in the middle of a park. Secondly it looks like it cost quite a bit. So how come none of the paid professionals who presumably built it noticed the measurements where completely off?

Not only is the sink located in a place where it’s essentially useless it’s also way too small for a countertop this large. So many questions but not a single answer.

73 That’s not proper safety equipment

Oh no. We can already hear the ambulance coming. If there was ever one piece of safety equipment you should never skimp on it’s protective glasses. Getting sharp splinters fire or dangerous substances in your eyes can literally injure you for a lifetime. And sight is something that is pretty hard to learn to live without.

But alas this dude clearly likes to take risks (or is very ignorant of the existence of danger in life). We really hope we were wrong abut that ambulance.

74 You have been warned

Hopefully this guy’s boss was nowhere nearby when this took place. Because it would be kind of hard to explain why he was so blatantly breaking the rules and risking damaging company property in the process.

Not that we know what these things are exactly but the fact that it clearly says “do not double stack” in all caps we would take as an indication it’s both expensive and fragile. Maybe the guy was in such a rush to finish his shift he just decided to take the risk anyway.

75 Someone didn’t read the recipe

We all know those over confident home chefs who just glance a recipe and then decide “I’ve got this!”. But there is a good reason why in the beginning of every recipe it says “read through the entire recipe before starting…”. When people don’t they will inevitably miss an important details about something crucial for the success of the recipe.

This could be anything from oven temperature to swaps that are not 1:1. Well even though we’re not sure what went wrong with this strawberry snowman dessert it’s clear someone messed up.

76 A very permanent mistake

There is a reason why all parents and grandparents are so vehemently against their younger offspring getting tattoos. And the reason is; they know what a permanent mistake it often turns out to be.

But here is yet another young man who refused to listen to those older and wiser. Perhaps he shouted “it’s my life!” when he slammed the door and ran to the tattoo parlor. If only he had learned to spell his favorite inspiring song lyric before the needle started buzzing.

77 Maybe someone should tell him

Patterns on clothing can be risky. Whether it’s just different shades of the same color or something more bold like multi-colored shapes and images placement is everything. In this case well – we all see what this dark circle looks like.

It looks like this grown man had a seriously embarrassing accident. Rather than sneak a picture of him this guy should have done the right thing and discretely told his fellow human being he needs to buy some more appropriate pants.

78 Just heating up the bread

There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning. But most of us barely have time to eat breakfast let alone bake bread that early in the day. So popping a store-bought loaf in the oven for a few minutes is almost just as good.

But some people are so tired before their first cup of coffee they make all kinds of silly mistakes. Such as putting the toothbrush in the freezer. Or putting the entire plastic cutting board the bread was sitting on in the oven..

79 “Of course I know how to put up a tent!”

What’s typical dad behavior? Dad jokes of course. Refusing to use a map or take directions because “they know exactly where they’re going”. And as it turns out learning the hard way when setting up a tent.

We’ve got two words for you mister; tent poles. Without tent poles strategically and firmly placed in the ground a tent is no match for the wind. This was probably not the way this dad wanted the chill camping vacation to start. Well that’s what happens when you don’t do your research.

80 It can happen to the best of us

To be honest we have no idea what this girl did wrong. The dough on the left looks very nice and she clearly put a lot of work into it. But for some reason it came out looking nothing like the bread snowman it was supposed to be.

Maybe the issue was in the bread rising or the oven temperature. Whatever it was something made this recipe fall flat and the girl’s disappointment is very obvious.

81 What doesn’t bend, breaks

Balancing on top of a bunch of wine bottles that could break and worst case injure you and best case cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted wine? Yeah that’s an unanimous no from us.

It seems like this is actually someone who works in this store and is trying to put up a sign or something. And we get it it’s a pain to have to remove all the battles get a ladder and then climb up. But shortcuts tend to backfire…

82 That’s not how it works…

The whole point of an umbrella is that it creates a little ceiling above our heads to prevent us from getting soaked by the rain. Getting caught in a sudden rainstorm without an umbrella is no fun – but this guy doesn’t seem to notice he has missed something very important.

He has an umbrella in his hands that’s not the issue. And it doesn’t look broken. But he hasn’t opened it so it’s essentially useless.

83 We smell a fake architect degree

In today’s world of internet and free interior design programs it’s unfortunately increasingly easy to fake all kinds of things. A degree from Harvard a medical certificate. And as seems to be the case here an architect diploma.

How else can you explain this massive steel beam cutting through the middle of a hallway (that’s presumably meant for people to walk through)? Sure it’s possible to squeeze through if you really want to but it’s hardly convenient.

84 Take out money at your own risk

This man is playing a dangerous game. Typing your code when you can’t even see the key set can easily result in wrong digits being pressed. Which in turn can result in the ATM swallowing your card.

Conversely if he does manage to get the code right and his bills come out – reaching them will present a whole new problem. In short we would not have taken the risk and instead continue searching for another more normal ATM.

85 The importance of not just “winging” cooking times

Even something as simple as frozen ready made foods such as french fries or pierogis have ideal cooking times. So even if no actual cooking skills are needed to “cook” these foods you do have to set the correct oven temperature and even more importantly – a timer.

Some of us like some extra color on our food but burnt to a crisp is hardly the goal for anyone. Well that’s what happened to this happy go lucky home cook.

86 Cutting skills in need of improvement

Ok what did this man use to cut his fish – a machete? Something very sharp was definitely needed to that neatly slice through that sturdy wooden board but it was definitely not needed to cut through the fish. A simple fillet knife would have done the job just fine and left the nice cutting board intact.

And we’re not fooled by the simple knife in the picture either there’s no way that thing could have done all that damage. There’s something fishy going on in this picture if you ask us…

87 That’s a true daredevil

There are bold people there are risk takers – and then there are natural born daredevils. This is clearly one of them. As stupid as this is it’s hard to not be slightly impressed by how he’s literally laughing death in the face right here.

We can’t figure out what needed such urgent fixing they didn’t get the necessary professionals and safety equipment up there instead of a lone dude with a ladder dangerously close to the edge.

88 Literally falling apart

Whatever you do don’t rent from this truck company next time you need to move. As is obvious from the picture whoever is driving this particular truck seems to have ignored the fact the truck is literally about to fall apart (the person who snapped the picture definitely nervously took notice though!).

And no those bungee cords are not convincing anyone. Definitely the police officer who is bound to pull this guy over sooner rather than later…

89 What is going on here?

Why is this gentleman in some sort of fair dunk tank all by himself and right next to what is clearly electricity? There is even a sign stating the word “danger” in all caps…

We would love to know the story behind this picture because it doesn’t look like a fair and we doubt this grandpa is risking his life on purpose for some silly game. Hopefully he got out of there before anything bad happened.

90 Sort of smart, sort of crazy

For everyone who doesn’t own an SUV there really is no way to transport a big ladder like this. So the safe thing to do is probably to ask or hire someone to do it for you. Or you can do what this guy did.

We feel slightly panicked just looking at this picture. All it would take to turn this scene into a very gruesome accident is him suddenly slamming the breaks on the highway…

91 Some innovative professionals

Sure this might look very risky but it also seems like it kind of worked. These guys needed to get some seriously heavy stuff up there and the forklifts just aren’t tall enough. The solution? Just put a forklift on another forklift and voila problem solved!

The mistake here seems to be having those two dudes on the second forklift which is already carrying a heavy burden. Seems risky considering the whole thing might topple with them right there in the middle…

92 The show must go on

The show must indeed go on and many happy concert goers have no idea how much work goes on behind the scenes to make sure those shows are as impressive as they are. Just look at this guy risking his life just so the lighting will be flawless.

We have no idea how he got up their safely or how they intend to get him down – but hey that’s the price you pay when you’re dedicated to your job

93 Someone doesn’t want to keep his toes…

When it comes to renovating or using any kind of tools it’s wise to always make sure you’re wearing sturdy shoes. Because even if you’re being a careful as can be all kinds of heavy or sharp things tend to fall here and there.

And you don’t want your bare feet to be the thing to catch them. But the mister right here seems to have chosen the road of learning this the risky way.

94 Maybe call for help

This picture is kind of funny and we would laugh if it wasn’t for the imminent danger this person is facing. It sort of looks like they accidentally got locked out when cleaning the window.

Not that it was a good idea in the first place to climb out there but we can totally see it happening. Most windows don’t have a handle on the outside so it slamming shut would immediately make climbing back in impossible.

95 Another crazy ladder situation

What is it about ladders that make people think they are invincible? This is yet another example of a person gambling with his life with the help of a dangerously tall (and wobbly looking) ladder.

It’s a good thing he’s wearing a helmet because that’s definitely what’s gonna save him if he falls down or suddenly gets electrocuted. We hope he gets paid well considering it looks like he has done this more than once…

96 Did someone say timber?

Oh wow that looks shaky to say the least! This driver must feel how the whole truck is pulling to his right and it must be a pretty scary experience. But still for some reason they decided to take the risk.

For everyone sharing the road with this person this day we really hope this didn’t end up a big mistake – since not only this risky driver but also completely innocent people would be the ones paying for it..