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This Japanese Apartment Building Looks Like A Futuristic Prison Instead Of A Lavish Penthouse

Sci-Tech November, 28, 2023

The Nakagin capsule tower which without a doubt, looks nothing less than a “techy lockup” is actually an apartment and a office building in the city of Tokyo, Japan. This amazing structure, not less than an artifact of a museum which attracts attention of many people, was built in just 30 days in 1972, thanks to the amazing architectural ability of Kisho Kurokawa!

This building comprises of boxes, which are better known as capsules where, each box or capsule is equivalent to a single apartment. In terms of usage, only 30 out of these 140 capsules were being used for their original purpose as per the records of 2012. The remaining ones out of these capsules are being used as office spaces or storage areas.

The building, which was once upon a time “the greatest marvel of the Japanese architecture” has now become a neglected structure because of the people’s indifferent attitude towards it who took no pain to get any repairs done up till now. The Nakagin capsule tower is the greatest example as the world’s first capsule architectural building to be ever made for the purpose of permanent settlement of the masses.


This is an ultimate example as one of the structures which shows the viability of the Japanese till date, in terms of an artistic movement initiated by these “warriors of creativity” that began after the World War 2 proving, that the Japanese are no less than anyone, whatever the case may be. They have numerous ways to show their strength even if it’s by the means of their architectural ability.

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