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On-Demand Grandparents Offering by Small Town

Mind Buzz November, 28, 2023

Nowadays the majority of the people have started to work from home. This has provided them the option to work from anywhere they want. The flexibility has given them the chance to travel more and explore different places. For this reason, most people have started to visit different places while working. They get to see new places, have different experiences, yet don't need to compromise their work.

Nowadays, you will find that small town try their best to convince the remote worker to relocate to their town. People do not have to get tied down to a certain place for work. For this reason, towns that want people to relocate will go to extreme means to make people settle in that place. Similarly, one small town in Indiana has offered its citizens with "on-demand grandparents." The town called Greensburg, which lies 70 miles southeast of Indianapolis, has come up with a strong incentive package. With this package, the remote workers can easily settle down.

The people will get $5000 in cash in the beginning. This money is provided for the closing cost of a house along with the relocation express. The sum of money has been carefully calculated after comparing it with a business that offers relocation costs. But people should keep in mind that this is not a business, and people do not have to set up new email passwords or change their current jobs. People just need to move to a new place where they will stay connected to the internet. Also, the money looks better when you settle in this place.

Apart from these benefits, the remote workers also get a concierge team. They help the workers navigate the relocation. Also, they get the invitation for home-cooked meals from their neighbors. This way, they can get home-cooked food and feel at home when staying in Greensburg. The remote workers also get the benefit of having "on-demand grandparents."

The Decatur County Community Foundation director Tami Wenning along with her husband Dan provides the people with on-demand grandparents. She shared how she and her husband would be glad to babysit and also attend the Grandparent's Day at the school occasion. They both will fill in for the children's grandparents and also have open minds.

Most of the time, people cannot beat this offering. When you check the campaign page for this, you will note anyone moving with a child knows "there's no price tag to put on this one." Even after all these offerings, if you don't find it folksy enough, then there is more in store. Dan, who is the husband of the director, also drives the local school bus. This makes people feel happy and overall makes it wholesome.

Tami has shared with the local television outlet about the on-demand grandparent's concept. She went ahead and said how she bakes cookies, gives the children hugs at school. Further, she added that she would put the children's art on her refrigerator and feel proud about it. Most people would agree that Tami is a great grandmother and the best one in the open market.