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Mum Left Vexed After Old Owners Refuse to Leave the House

Mind Buzz June, 05, 2023

Moving to a new house is an altogether different task. It can be overwhelming and stressful at the same time. In a shocking incident, a mother was seen raging when she arrived at her new house only to find that the old owners hadn’t left the place after multiple heads-up.

Irrespective of buying or selling a house, the process is a tiresome and expensive one. However, it feels like it was worth the patience when you finally arrive at your new home. The procedure isn’t fun but it’s joyous to unpack your belongings and turn them into your dream home. However, it didn’t turn out the same for a mum as she encountered the old owners when she arrived at the new house. The woman shared the incident on Mumsnet where other users were taken aback about knowing the behavior of old owners. 

She described the scene as “Completed at 2 pm. No keys. Agents frantically calling vendors. They are still packing the van.” Even the agents and solicitor told the old owners that they do not own the house anymore and that they were breaking the law. Finally, after an hour or so they left the keys with the agents. The couple then thought that they have had finally got the house to themselves. And they drove to their house thinking that the old owners had left the house.

To their shock, they were still there. Everything was invariantly there. They could see the paintings on the wall in the lounge, hallway and kitchen filled with boxes and appliances. The woman explained to the old owners that they do not own the house anymore. The couple owned it and they could legally walk in and lock the doors. “You couldn’t” was the reply that came from the old couple. The agent and solicitor were exhausted too. However, the solicitor contacted the old owners telling them that they would lock them out and charge them to remove their property.

The woman further told that she didn’t go in and locked the door as she wasn’t interested anymore even though it was their property and they were trespassing it. Her 15 - year- old kid was also worn out in the back of the car. They drove back home which was thankfully five minutes down the lane in a rented house. There was no major thing that was left except the removals which were booked for 9 am.

The woman also illustrated that she was really annoyed and had a few terrible months. She had got a close relative in hospital and she had been fighting for a diagnosis for them. On top of that, she had been ill herself. People were shocked to know that incident and many suggested the mother to ensure that they charged the family for not leaving promptly.

Many people commented where one of the users resonated with the incident and told that it happened to one of his friends. The vendors there took days to leave and when they finally left, they left all sorts and a garage full of stuff. Others had a different opinion where one commenter said that they must extend their patience a bit as the old owners were running behind. Someone said that as the family was living in rented accommodation so they could give them another 24 hours to pack up.

Another added a suggestion that he would have had taken a day off at work and helped them to pack up things as it would’ve made the process quicker.