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A Wedding Without the Groom

Mind Buzz November, 28, 2023

It was certain that the wedding had to happen this time but the groom, because of food poisoning, ended up in a hospital. However, he encouraged the bride to be at their wedding without him.

You might have heard about several unfortunate incidents when things went straight in the wrong direction of what people had expected. And such news has definitely proliferated in huge numbers since the pandemic took over the world. But there were two unfortunates who, after facing miseries twice, finally decided to execute their plan for whatever it takes. We are talking about a wedding here that took place in the absence of the groom. 

The preparations for the special day begin much ahead of the event with a lot of planning but it’s obvious to feel bad when it doesn’t go as planned at the end. The Covid restrictions led to the rescheduling of several weddings in recent years. And same happened for this couple who had to reschedule it even for the second time. And when they were finally ready for the big day, the groom-to-be had to reach the hospital because of food poisoning.

The wedding day was eventually ruined, until the groom asked Christine Karmire, the bride, to let the wedding happen on the very day they had planned. The idea that the couple has come up with might be an inspiration for others to not reschedule their own wedding. The wedding venue’s TikTok account, @thevictorainyoungsvilee, has shared the picture of the bride cutting the cake with a stickman, dressed in a suit, appearing to be her groom and wrapping his arms around her while she cuts the cake. The stickman also danced with the bride. The caption said: “When the groom suddenly becomes sick & goes to the hospital on the wedding day.” The guests were seen taking selfies with the so-called groom. 

The stickman was made of a pole on wheels and an iPad placed on the top with the groom’s face on it. Gannon, the groom, although being unlucky to not be there with the bride, still made it happen and he too was so elated that it went as they planned. He commented on the post, saying: "GROOM HERE! HUGE thank you to The Victorian. Due to other attempts and hospital regulations, and hopes for me returning to the ceremony, I wanted [my bride] to stay with her friends and family.” The video has been viewed more than 900,000 times with the comment section inundated with people’s views.

A person appreciated the bride’s attitude while the other one joked: “When you don’t want to lose your deposits.” Some people couldn’t believe that something like this could ever happen in reality. Someone also praised the couple’s efforts to deal with such a bad situation. In fact, a person also warned every bride to prevent the groom from eating at least a day before their wedding. 

Gannon and Christine have been together for the last 8 years and will hopefully stay the same for years to come. Although you must have wished him to be fine on his honeymoon and not just spend his day again in a hospital.