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A Rumored Russian Spy Whale Rescued A Woman’s Phone When She Accidentally Dropped It In The Harbor

Mind Buzz November, 28, 2023

A whale is considered not so safe animal in the sea and it is definitely not an animal you can trust for saving you or your belongings. This whale is somehow an exception.

Did you hear that a beluga whale was seen tipping up new Hammerfest, Norway? Yes, we know that it is a usual sight but have you heard that the whale was harnessed?

There are two probable reasons for the harnessing. Either we are out of touch with the ocean life that we don’t know about the technology that made this possible or a human harnessed the whale.

The second one seems more probable, so going by that we think we are still on track!
The part that makes it even more bizarre is that the harness had “St Petersburg” written on it. It is rumored that the whale was a Russian spy trained by her navy. We can’t say how the whale got there but we can assure you of the fact that the whale is way too friendly, unlike the fact that we have known until now.

A few people had gone down to the harbor to look at the white whale. Ina Mansika was one of the group and they were having fun during the visit to the harbor. While all of this was happening, Ina dropped her phone accidentally in the water.

Like a normal human being, Ina started panicking on losing her phone. After all, it is every human being’s lifeline. The nightmare came to reality and what happened next was just something nobody had expected.

The whale swam back in the water, grabbed the phone for the woman, and brought it back to the surface.

Talking about the incident, Ina said that everyone was surprised and nobody could believe his eyes on what had just happened. She was obviously very thankful that she got her lifeline back. The phone was definitely useless but the whale did make an effort.

We can’t say if it was out of instinct or a human effect but it did leave people’s minds buzzed.

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