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28-Year-Old Girl’s Mother Demands to Move in with Her and Her Boyfriend

Mind Buzz November, 28, 2023

A man is stuck in a very delicate situation ever since his girlfriend’s mother announced that her girl could only move in with him if she could come along too.

While you might love your significant other to the moon and back, it doesn’t necessarily imply that you will love or even like all their family members too. Getting along with one’s in-laws might prove to be a task in itself. But it’s not a hidden fact that the relationship you share with your in-laws might make or break the one you share with your partner. Though this guy knew that he had to impress his mother-in-law, he wasn’t really prepared for what he had to do for the same.

The man and his girlfriend have been dating for 2 years and had recently decided to take their relationship ahead and move in together. Little did they know that an awkward situation was waiting for them. Everything was going great until the girl’s mother announced that she wouldn’t let her daughter move out, unless she herself was allowed to move in with the couple. The guy took to Reddit to talk about the whole situation.

He mentioned that it wouldn’t have been a big deal if the mother wouldn’t have wanted her daughter living with him. But the fact that as a single woman “she doesn’t want to be alone” when her daughter leaves the house is the issue here. He added, “She simply just will not let her daughter venture out with her own life in peace because she doesn’t want to be alone.”

Sadly, despite the fact that both the man and the woman are 28 years old, and adult enough to take their decisions, their current situation has made him “feel like a teenager again”. He doesn’t like the fact that he’s “dating someone whose parent is always in their ear.” Unfortunately, there is no scope of improvement in this situation any time soon, since his girlfriend’s mother is very dependent on her daughter. Therefore, his partner “feels the need to be the savior for her all the time.”

Quite exasperated by the whole situation, he further wrote, “It’s such a toxic relationship and she knows it and is tired of it herself.” He then asked the people online for their take on the situation by asking the following question: “Is it worth staying to see if it changes, should I show my frustrations in hopes it’ll change things for the better or would this be a deal-breaker?” Within no time, the people on Reddit started commenting with their advice on the issue. Most of them guided him to be honest with his girlfriend about his feelings on the matter.

A person commented, “The more your girlfriend enables her mom’s behavior the more things will never change for the mom. She needs to work on herself and probably sort some therapy.” Another advised him to lay it out to his girlfriend that he isn’t interested in living with her mom, and that it is a deal-breaker for him if she comes along to stay with them. A third person wrote, “You have concerns about the basic viability of this relationship given her mom’s attachment and this is a totally valid concern.”